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Sri Mahanandi Temple | Nandyala | Andra Pradesh (AP), India

Sri Mahanandi Temple | Nandyala | Andra Pradesh (A.P) | India

Other Attractive tourist places to see around:
  • Shakthi Ganapathi
  • Srishailam
  • Sakshi Ganapathi
  • Shikaram
  • Kailasa Dwara
  • Temple of Istha Kameshwari
  • Akka Mahadevi Caves
  • Gupta Mallikarjuna
  • Bramarambha Chervu
  • Pala Dhara Pancha Dhara
  • Panchamatham
Type : Temple/Holy Or Sacred Place/Natural sight seeing/Monuments/Dam/Cable Car/Trekking

Located at:

Sri Mahanandi Temple
Andra Pradesh

History about Mahanandi Temple, Nandyala:
Located on the banks of River Paathala Ganga, temple has one of the Jyothir Linga out of 12.

Road/Public Transportation/Train /Private Vehicles/Own Vehicles

Mode of Travel:

How to get there from Major Cities? Bangalore,Hyderabad

By Air:
  • Hyderabad is the nearest Airport, from Hyderabad every day buses travels between Srishailam and Hyderabad
By Road/Bus:
  • To Shrishailam, APSRTC has provided their facilities from most of the places from Hyderabad.
  • From Bangalore also there is A.P.S.R.T.C bus travels from Kempegowda Bus Station at 5 p.m and 7 p.m every day and reaches Shrishailam around 8:30 a.m /9:30 a.m morning next day
Lodging - Boarding:
  • Around Sri Bhramaramba Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple,Shrishailam, there are tons of various good lodging and boarding facilities are available
  • Price range is from Rs.100 till Rs,4000
  • Best way is to book a lodge do online or Call or walk-in since many people will be moving in and moving out every moment
Temple Accommodation Phone number : 288888, 287351

Food Restaurants:
  • Prasadam hall is available Free lunch or food is served for pilgrims, every day between 12 and 3 which would be a prasadam of the temple
  • Restaurants are available based on your choices
  • Better Carry water bottles
Petrol -Diesel - Gas Stations around: Present

Special Occasions or Timings: Every Day From 5 a.m to 10 p.m
Parking fee: Fee various

Nature lovers:
Thick forest is available around the road, which is very beautiful, tons of various kinds of trees and flowers are worth to watch. It will be really heart warming sight. Even the breathe of fresh air is good for health.

Gift Centers or Souvenir Shops :
Small Shops are present, where in you can buy small gifts or Souvenirs and Prasadam.

Best Advice or Tips:

  • Plan your trip such that you reach the place early in the morning
  • Best time is to start early in the morning, you would get a chance to do Pooja at the temple
  • After noon its really hot, carry sufficient water with you
  • Always to try to avoid after evening 5 p.m if you are travelling on your own vehicle its a Ghat Section (thick forest)
  • Check your spare wheel, petrol level
  • Carry Tool kit, Rope and Jumper cables in case of Battery failures or vehicle break down
....Enjoy the Nature and have a Safe Journey...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Godachinmalki Falls | Gokak | Belgaum | Karnataka | India

Godachinmalki Falls | Gokak | Belgaum | Karnataka | India

Godachinmalki Falls, Gokak, Belgaum
Godachinmalki Falls ,Gokak ,Belgaum,Karnataka ,India, Photos by Basu.S
Type : Water Falls /Natural sight seeing/ Tourist Spot/Tourist Attractions

Other Places around:

  • Gokak Spinning mill (Now it may be closed)
  • Shivalinga - Gokak Falls Temple
  • Gokak Dam
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant (Electricity Generator Station)
  • Hanging Wooden Bridge ( Rope way kind) Which runs from one end to other across the falls
  • Gokak Falls
  • Naveelu Theertha
  • Malaprabha Dam
Located At : Godachinmalki,Gokak, Belgaum, Karnataka, India

History: The famous Godachinmalki falls is located near Gokak city in Belgaum district. Gokak is around 65 -70 kms from Belgaum city.

The Godachinmalki Falls is located on Markandeya River near village called Godachinamalki, Gokak, and Belagavi District.Godachinamalki is approximately 16 kms from Gokak and 40 Kms from Belgaum (Belagavi).

Godachinmalki Falls, Gokak, Belgaum
Godachinmalki Falls,Gokak, Belgaum,Karnataka,India

Markandeya River, Godachinmalki Falls, Gokak, Belgaum
Godachinmalki Falls,Gokak, Belgaum,Karnataka,India
A Godachinmalkli waterfall is located on Gokak- Konnur road (west of Konnur).
Godachinamalki is approachable in two ways,
     1. From Nirvaneshwara Matha
     2. From Paschapur

River Markandeya is responsible for the formation of beautiful waterfalls, The first water fall is about 25 meters and flows a through rock after a while, second waterfalls occurs which are of 18 meters height.

Markandeya river joins Ghataprabha later.Hidakal Dam is built across river Ghataprabha. Small Dam is present across Markandeya river too.

"Dont forget to get or eat Gokak's Sweet called as 'Kardantu' is very popular made out of Dry Fruits and Jaggery/Sugar ".

Best time to visit :
  • Between Mid of June and September as this is rainy season, we would get to see maximum water
  • To get best pictures try to visit Godachinmalki, Falls second half of the day
Mode of Travel: Road/Public Transportation/Private Vehicles/Own Vehicles
By Road/Bus:
  • Gokak is approximately 550 Kms from Bangalore, which is 13-15 hours of drive from Bangalore
Public Transportation is available: Nearest bus station is Gokak, Belgaum District
  • K.S.R.T.C Buses available from Kempegowda Bus station
  • Own Vehicles take below mentioned Road
Bangalore-> Tumkur->Chitradurga->Hubli->Belgaum->60 kms towards Gokak -> Godachinmalki,Falls

By Air:
  • Nearest Airport is Belgaum which is around 60Kms.
  • Most of the Airlines like Kingfisher,Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Indian, Air-India operates from all major cities
  • From there one has to take either private or Public transport to reach Gokak
  • From Gokak city to Gokak falls its around 7 kms
By Train
  • Belgaum is the nearest railway station to Godachinmalki Falls Karnataka
  • Try to avoid train, as its little inconvenient
  • One suggession Nearest railway station is Gokak Road, which is very convinient for the people comming from Belgaum,Bangalore Goa as well as from Maharastra Sangli Miraj,Pune, Kohlapur - This was suggested by one of the viewer. Thanks to him/her.
Parking: Depends

Long Shot, Godachinmalki Falls, Gokak, Belgaum
Godachinmalki Falls,Gokak, Belgaum,Karnataka,India
  • Private hotels are available  near Gokak
  • If One needs better place, Belgaum is an option
Food Restaurants:
  • If you are foody person try out lunch at some "Khaanavali" - Mess
  • One will get Jower Rotti's with varities of chutnis and Curds... try it out it is really good, hot and spicy too
  • Please carry yourself, foods and other stuffs hips, Cakes, Bakery Items or Fruits
  • Plenty water would be really handy, avoid taking plastic bags
  • Peanuts,Biscuits,Chips and other junk foods are sold on the banks
  • Small Vendors are there for tea, snacks etc
Special Occasions or Timings: Every day, Sunday would be very crowded

Best Advice or Tips:

  • Plan your trip for this place during rainy season
  • Plan your trip such that you reach the place early in the morning
  • Camera, Extra batteries are needed as road side we get beautiful scenarios
  • Small Town Phtographers are present, if you have not taken Camera
... Water... Water...Water Falls... Save Water and Save your self for future...